More than 36 million Americans live with some degree of hearing loss. For those attending sporting events, the sound of the cheering crowd or passing refreshment vendor can mean a missed promotion, advertisement or critical announcement. For those in academic settings, hearing challenges can result in missed lecture material that is destined to appear on the final exam. For those participating in business meetings or training events, an inability to hear can contribute to lost messages required for career success. And for those attending medical visits, hearing loss can provide challenges in communication of diagnoses and treatment options.

But with CCC Services in place, your audiences will catch every word, allowing consumers full participation in events from arena to lecture hall to doctor's office and more. CCC Services provides live captioning and Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) services to instantly and accurately transform the spoken word into readable text.

And, while offering full event participation to audiences of all types is certainly your goal with respect to customer service, it may also be a requirement under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). CART has been recognized as an assistive technology which affords "effective communication access" under the ADA. CCC Services can help you create excellence in customer service, as well as achieve ADA or IDEA compliance. In fact, your efforts to provide accommodations could qualify for tax credits. You can learn more about potential tax benefits at

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CCC Services provides captions for:

  • Sports arenas and stadiums
  • Classrooms and lecture halls (all levels of education)
  • Live television programming
  • Webcasts
  • Business and board meetings
  • Conference calls
  • Training sessions
  • Church services
  • Commencement ceremonies
  • Civic meetings
  • Anywhere communication access is required

Hearing loss currently ranks as the number one disability in the world. Approximately 12% of the U.S. population is affected by hearing loss, and many hard-of-hearing and late-deafened individuals are not trained in sign language or lip reading. Businesses catering to large audiences do not want to overlook the satisfaction of this significant segment of the population. CCC Services is dedicated to making the aural information at your event accessible to your entire audience.

While individuals living with hearing loss represent our primary consumer, our services can provide significant benefits to any and all members of large audiences, such as crowds of sports fans or students in large lecture halls. Additionally, research has shown that captions benefit individuals learning English as a second language. CCC Services delivers spoken words directly to those unable to receive them firsthand.

Realtime speech-to-text translation for your live event can be displayed a number of ways — to single users, small groups, large crowds, and web-based audiences:

  • Stadium and arena scoreboards
  • Live television
  • Large screen projection
  • Computer monitor display
  • Streamed wirelessly to a notebook computer screen or handheld device
  • Streamed securely over the Internet to any web browser

We provide captioning output to nearly any media, including any web browser.Click here for a demonstration of web-based delivery. Upon advanced request, we are able to provide a notebook computer or hand-held device for your individual consumer's use.

Our local network of professionals enables CCC Services to deliver on-site captioning and CART services, while cutting-edge technologies make seamless speech-to-text translation possible from any remote location. This combination ensures we can meet your needs at a competitive price.

As an added benefit to our realtime captioning services, a time-stamped text transcript is available at the conclusion of your event.

Carrie Logback

Carrie Logback

CCC Services is proud to pair our clients with dedicated, devoted, detail-oriented communicators who love what we do. We are committed to creating the experience your audience deserves. We rarely miss a word, so your listeners won't either. Our captioners are specially trained, highly skilled, nationally certified stenographers who are capable of captioning at rates of more than 260 words per minute, with over 99% accuracy. Our captioners and CART providers adhere to the National Court Reporters Association's Guidelines for Professional Practice and Code of Professional Ethics.

President and owner of CCC Services, Carrie Logback, has been providing dependable, high quality real-time captioning and CART services since 1997. She is nationally certified in realtime writing and broadcast captioning. Carrie is an experienced provider of on-site and remote captioning in all of the venues listed above, and she possesses the technical expertise necessary to assist you in bringing live captions to your event.

We invite you to contact CCC Services today to learn how our experienced professionals can enhance your events with speech-to-text translation.

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